Senate hearing on subsistence comes to Bethel

by Angela Denning-Barnes on April 1, 2013

Subsistence of any kind will be the topic of a U.S. Senate hearing in Bethel April 2 at the Yuut Elitnaurviat Learning Center. It’s being sponsored by Senator Lisa Murkowski.
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“There are issues of concern related to subsistence that we see all around our state,” Murkowski said. “And Alaska Natives want to be heard on the subject.”

Murkowski committed to holding subsistence hearings in the state at the last Federation of Natives Convention.

A usual Senate hearing limits testimony to just 5 people, but this hearing will allow as many people who want to comment, the ability to do so. Murkowski says anyone can step up to the microphone to share their opinion. There will be a court reporter to document the testimony word for word and the transcripts will be submitted to the Senate Energy Committee (which has jurisdiction over subsistence) for an upcoming subsistence hearing in D.C.

“This is an opportunity to form record in the United States Senate,” Murkowski said. “It will be whatever those who are in attendance wish to address as it relates to subsistence. That’s what we will be gathering. That’s the record that we will be building.”

Murkowski says the entire record will become part of their archives which can be looked at in the future if needed.

Ana Hoffman of Bethel is scheduled to be the moderator. Community leaders will be invited to speak first then the microphone will be open to anyone.

The hearing will run 2-4 p.m. at the Yuut Elitnaurviat training center, and can go longer if needed.

KYUK will be broadcasting the hearing live on 640 AM as well as streaming it on our website.

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