Sled dog race to be held Sunday

by Ben Matheson on March 14, 2014

After months of dirt, ice, and bare ground, the recent snowfall means it’s time again for sled dog racing on the Y-K Delta. The K300 race manager is Zach Fansler.

“We are excited to resume the season we kind of took a two month hiatus so to speak, and now we’re going to come out with vengeance, we’re going to do a bunch of races, and they’re going be fast and furious,” said Fansler.

The first race is a 40 mile race, starting at 1:00 on Sunday. It’s a replacement for the February 50. The committee is lowering it to 40 miles due to poor training conditions. There will be $10,000 purse and an eight dog limit,” said Fansler.

“I would expect we’ll have a pretty nice size field, especially with the lower distance and we’re really excited about that,” said Fansler.

Still to be held are the Akiak Dash and the Campout race.Fansler says there will be a $12,000 purse for the Dash, a jump of $1,000 dollars. The Akiak Dash was penciled in for next Saturday, but that may change.

“If you’re a fan of dog mushing you could see races whether they’re run by sprint clubs or village councils or us, they’re going to come nearly every weekend from here on out I would bet,” said Fansler.

On the tail of this year’s wild Idtarod, Fansler says it’s a great time to race.

“Teams from the Y-K Delta represented us so well, I think gets everybody excited for that. We have that huge push during K300 weekend..with the time off it had died down, and now we’ve got that excitement and we’re really looking forward to doing these races,” said Fansler.

The starting line for this Sunday’s race is still to be determined. The race should go towards Akiachak and circle back to Bethel.

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