Small village NYO team bests 16 others

by Sophie Evan on April 8, 2013

The Kongiganak native youth olympic team won the N-Y-O meet over the weekend. The Kongiganak Wolverines won by 10-points, they competed against sixteen (16) teams from all over the region, including Dillingham and Unalaska.

The Kongiganak Wolverines live 70-miles downriver from Bethel, their village population is just over four-hundred (400) residents. The small village has proved that is has what it takes to win a Native Youth Olympic meet against sixteen (16) other teams.

The Kongiganak athletes are coached by Tommy Phillip and Sheila Phillip, their varsity and Junior high competitors placed in every event. They earned a total of 140-points, ten points over the 2nd place B-R-H-S team, and 28-points over the third place team from Dillingham.

The top five champs from Kong are; Jessica David who won in the Toe kick, Rodney David is the Indian Stick Pull champ, Chelsea Andrew and Kevin Brown both hopped the farthest in the seal hop, and Kevin Otto won in the one arm reach.

The Bethel Regional High School team won in four events; Jade Miller won in both the Indian Stick Pull and the Eskimo high kick, Rebecca Brink beat out everyone in the one arm reach, Sophie Poe jumped the farthest in the kneel jump.

The third place Dillingham team placed with 112 points. Kendall Dray kicked the highest in both the Alaskan high kick, and the two footed kick, Katrina Mowrer is the one arm reach champ, and both boys and girls wrist carry champs are from Dillingham, Emily McArthur and Danny Miller.

Again, the N-Y-O meet results are; Kongigank first, BRHS second, and Dillingham third.

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