Solo Cafe Allowed Beer on Premises

by Ben Matheson on May 12, 2014

The manager of Long House Hotel confirms that Solo Café, located in the hotel, allowed alcohol to be brought in and consumed earlier this year.

The state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control board and state troopers will not name the restaurant that was reportedly allowing patrons to bring in their own alcohol because they say no charges were filed.

Instead ABC Board officials say they had a discussion with Solo Café managers regarding reports that they were operating as a ‘bottle club’ along with the VFW post.

Unlike the VFW, which is a fraternal organization, state laws clearly prohibit bottle clubs in restaurants and hotels.

Allowing people to bring in their own alcohol is in violation of the state’s bottle club laws.

Logan Rammell is the General Manager of Long House Hotel.

He says people had been bringing beer into the café during Thursday night trivia. Rammell says now there is a zero tolerance policy for alcohol.

He says the policy also applies for private events like weddings and parties.

Solo Café has operated in the hotel since mid October.

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