Special Calista Call-In will feature board chairman and acting CEO

by Shane Iverson on October 10, 2012

The annual shareholder’s meeting for Calista is just around the corner, and this year the regional native corporation is embroiled in controversy. Shareholders have a big choice to make; stay with many of the long standing board members, or remove them from their leadership positions.

KYUK wants to help you make that decision. Please join KYUK host Sophie Evan for a Yup’ik language, special Calista Call-in Show this Friday at 11am. Guests will include Calista Board Chairman Art Heckman and acting CEO Felix Hess. We’ve invited others who are pushing for change to be a part of the program, and of course the phone lines will be open for you to submit your questions.

That’s a Yup’ik Calista Call-In Show this Friday morning at 11 following Talk Line only on KYUK, everyone’s radio station.

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