Sports hunter mauled by bear near Mcgrath

by Angela Denning-Barnes on September 11, 2013

A sports hunter from Rhode Island was mauled by a brown bear near Mcgrath after wounding the animal. The bear attacked John Matson more than and hour and a half after being shot. Alaska State Troopers say Matson sustained non-life threatening injuries Monday to his head and body.

The man was on a guided bear hunting trip about 50 miles west of Mcgrath.

Matson shot the bear while it was feeding on berries. The bear rolled into brush and then ran away.

The hunting group waited about 90 minutes before Matson went into brush after the bear. Troopers say the other men fired shots and the bear ran off.

The men walked about a mile back to their camp where they stayed the night. Matson was flown Tuesday to Anchorage for treatment.

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