Subsistence hearing cancelled in wake of government shutdown

by Sophie Evan on October 1, 2013

10.01.13 Subsistence Hearing cancelledDue to the United States Government shutting down, the Federal Subsistence Board has just cancelled their public hearing that was scheduled for tomorrow, October 2nd.

The hearing was scheduled for Wednesday, October 2nd, starting at 7 p-m, until 9 p-m, at the Yupiit Piciryarait Cultural Center.

The Federal Subsistence Management Program was set to hear testimony on the Rural Determination process, which would eliminate a subsistence priority for Bethel once the population reached seven thousand residents. Bethel’s 2010 census showed us at six thousand eighty (6,080) residents.

The office of subsistence management says any cancelled meetings will be rescheduled and that the new date, time and location of such meetings will be communicated to the public.

Again, the public hearing on the Federal Subsistence Management Program’s rural determination that was scheduled for October 2nd at the culture center has been cancelled due to the government shut down.


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