Successful SAR in Dillingham

by Sophie Evan on April 10, 2013

There was a happy ending to a search and rescue in Dillingham last week. The troopers based in Dillingham say they were alerted to an overdue traveler last week on Thursday the fourth. New Stuyahok resident, Tommy Weedman left New Stu for Dillingham on a snow machine but never arrived.

The Dillingham Snowmobile Association Search and Rescue hasty team was requested to look for Weedman. The snowmobile association left Dillingham after midnight and found the lost snow machine with footprints leading away from it. They followed the tracks and found Weedman walking on the trail at four a-m eleven miles from his snow machine.

Weedman was reported to be in very good condition since he was prepared to be outdoors and was properly dressed. He did not need any medical attention as well. His ride had broken down.

The Dillingham based Troopers thank the snowmobilers for the quick response and diligent efforts. Troopers say the hasty team and a properly dressed Mr. Weedman, made the search successful.


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