Sunspots interrupting NPR and Native America Calling

by Shane Iverson on February 28, 2012

Winter is not the only season right now. We are also in the midst of the sunspot season which is causing satellite programming interruptions to our TV and radio signals as well as our Internet services.

The sunspots generally happen around noon – 1PM Alaska time and they typically last 7-12 minutes. However,sunspots also affect the uplink side of the signal path. The NPR uplink, being based on the east coast, will experience outages around 9-10AM our time. This has interrupted Native America Calling the past two days.

This solar cycle, called cycle 24, is expected to peak in July of 2013. We will be experiencing more intensive outages during the vernal (February/March) and autumnal (September/October) equinoxes for the next 2-3 years.

Obviously we can’t control the sun, but here at KYUK, we’ll do our best to keep aware of interruptions, substitute programming when we need to, and let our audience know what’s happening.

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