Survey results: Villages and Bethel split on best music

by Shane Iverson on May 7, 2012

KYUK has sorted through hundreds of surveys and thousands of answers as part of an online musical preference survey this March. Now we understand, better than ever, what the Y-K Delta wants to hear. Below is a quick look at the top rankings which were based on the averages of scores given by listeners that took the survey.

Village’s top 5 music genres:
1.Local Gospel
2.Classic Country
3.Local Music
5.Gospel (Other)

Bethel’s top 5 music genres:
2.Classic Rock
4.Local Music
5.Classic Country

PDF:KYUK Full Survey Results

KYUK has already taken note of our listener’s preferences on 640 AM. We’ve added more oldies to early mornings, and we’re providing more doses of local singer/songwriters like Bobby Gregory and Peter Twitchell. Classic country now plays every Sunday afternoon on the newly syndicated show “The Truck Stop.” In the future we hope to build our library of local music and find creative ways to record local musicians so there’s more local music to choose from.

In addition to looking at overall preferences we looked at contrasts between our village and Bethel listeners. Bethel musical tastes are more evenly spread out between the 20 genres we surveyed. The Bethel audience also likes their music a little harder; they scored categories like classic rock, rock and blues much higher than the village audience. Meanwhile village tastes show a strong favor towards gospel music; a category that faired poorly in Bethel. Our plan is to target both audiences with an AM Station that reaches across the Y-K Delta, and an FM station with a strong signal in Bethel.

The survey also shows an impassioned following for nearly all of the genres we asked about, even the ones that fared poorly. For example, hip-hop ranked poorly at 16th overall, yet 16 % of respondents said they loved it. That compares to the most loved genre, oldies, which garnered love from 30% of respondents. Most genres show a following large enough to justify some kind of air time.

The results also show a strong following for news and information. Entertainment shows varied greatly, but were generally second to news programming. Some of the music and entertainment shows KYUK syndicates fared very poorly and will likely be moved to different time slots or replaced altogether with music or shows our audience is more likely to enjoy.

KYUK is everyone’s radio station, so we’ll do our best to make sure that we build our schedule around the most popular music and programs, while still making some time for the various tastes of all our listeners.

PDF:KYUK Full Survey Results

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