ANSEP 1Story by Grace Betz, Student Reporter

Over 50 students from the Lower Kuskokwim School District Middle School traveled to Anchorage for an ANSEP Academy before school this Spring before school let out. There they learned and earned a whole lot more than just science. Read more →

Medics found Richard Rivers at the Holiday at Debar and Boniface on May 30th and Jesse Gunlik Jr. was found  nearby on June 1st.

Medics found Richard Rivers at the Holiday at Debar and Boniface on May 30th and Jesse Gunlik Jr. was found nearby on June 1st.

Two men from the Y-K Delta died in Anchorage this past week.

33-year-old Richard Rivers, originally from Hooper Bay, reportedly died at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage on May 30th after medics found him at laying down at the entrance of a gas station in east Anchorage. They transported him to the hospital where he died. Read more →

Michelle Konig designs modern Qaspeqs.

Michelle Konig designs modern Qaspeqs.

One Alaska Native woman is putting a new spin on the traditional qaspeq. Michelle Konig uses stretchy fabric and a unique pattern to make the modern qaspeqs. With a label under her own name, the designer can barely keep up with orders and is now traveling around the state teaching others to make her designs. Read more →

Mike Bialy Bethel PRIDE

Mike Bialy of Bethel PRIDE

A group of teens from Bethel and young people from Nunam Iqua and Stony River have won Spirit of Youth Awards. The organization honors youth who are making a positive impact in their communities.

Natasha Price with Spirit of Youth says the Y-K youth won in three categories.                                    

“One was a dance group. Another was a young woman who advocated having seafood served in her school meals. And a young woman who represented her small school in trying to keep it open because it was on the verge of closing,” said Bialy.

Spirit of Youth started in 1997 as a way to address the growing negative image of teens in the media. A panel of peers selects winners.

In Bethel, Michael Bialy (Bee-ah-lee), Emily Berryman, Tony Boyer and Tandy Vangtan won in the fine arts category for their Bethel P.R.I.D.E. dance group. Bialy says he formed the group after seeing Mao Tosi’s Anchorage AK P.R.I.D.E group perform.

“And I was like, Wow! They are amazing. And I just wanted that same thing here in Bethel. Built off of pride, built off of passion, built off of family and being united as one to support different arts and cultures,” said Bialy.

 Bialy describes the group’s style as hip-hop, but says they also do other styles of dance like waving, tutting, locking, break dancing and dub-step dancing.

Shanelle Afcan (Aff-can), from Nunam Iqua (Ick-wah), near the mouth of Yukon, took home an award in the Science and Environment category for an initiative at Mount Edgecumbe High School to get local seafood into the school meal program.

Elizabeth Willis, from Stony River, northeast of Bethel, also won in the Service to Peers category for opening a grocery store in her village to support the Gusty Michael School.

The 2014 winners were announced in February and honored at a banquet in Anchorage in April. 22 youth ages 12-19 were honored.  Spirit of Youth features winners on a radio program.

Anyone can nominate a young person for a Spirit of Youth award. For information on how to nominate a young person go to