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Anna Rose MacArthur / KYUK

Thursday marked the first day of classes for ninth through twelfth graders at Bethel Regional High School. It also marked the opening of the school’s new health clinic. The clinic is housed in a small building next to the school and is the first of its kind in the region. The aim of the clinic is to bring health care services to an age group that often falls off the health care radar.

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Walter Hawk, 43, remains missing after walking away from his home in the village of Tuluksak almost a full month ago.

Anna Rose MacArthur / KYUK

The national opioid epidemic gives no exception to rural Alaska. Later this year, the U.S. Surgeon General will release a report on substance abuse addiction and health. To prepare, the nation's top medical officer is meeting with health care providers around the country on ways to prevent or treat opioid addiction. He traveled last week to Napaskiak, a town of 500, located seven miles down the Kuskokwim river from Bethel.

[Sound of a boat scraping ashore]  

Murthy: “Good to meet you. Thanks for having us here.”

Larson: “Welcome to Napaskiak.”

Bethel Boil Water Notice Still In Effect

Aug 9, 2016
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A boil water notice remains in effect for Bethel’s Trailer Court neighborhood. Authorities have traced the trigger for the notice back to a single home in the subdivision found to contain E. Coli bacteria in its water supply.

Boil Water Notice Continues In Bethel

Aug 2, 2016

A boil water advisory is still in effect after E. Coli was found in the water of Bethel's Trailer Court neighborhood last week, and residents should expect the notice to continue.

Centers for Disease Control / CDC

No source has been found for Bethel’s salmonella outbreak.

Lab samples taken by the Department of Environmental Conservation from a local grocery store came back negative for the bacteria.


Bethel’s Trailer Court neighborhood is being told to boil its water by the Department of Environmental Conservation before drinking it or cooking with it.


The search continues for a man who walked away from the village of Tuluksak 15 days ago.

Centers for Disease Control / CDC

As of now, there’s no confirmed source for Bethel’s salmonella outbreak.

Centers for Disease Control / CDC

The Alaska Division of Public Health is investigating salmonella infections in the Bethel area. A team is in Bethel to track down the source of the infection.