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by Mike Martz on June 1, 2011

Our open house last Friday May 27th was a great success. The weather was warm and sunny. We had a steady stream of people pass through the building all afternoon. We served an enourmous amount of hot dogs, pop and chips. We had a chance to introduce ourselves to you all and show off our new equipment and building improvements.

A number of folks mentioned to me that, although they lived in Bethel most of their lives, they had never been inside the KYUK studio before that day. And that was the intent of the open house: to provide an opportunity for you to visit your public radio station, meet the staff and help us celebrate our 40th anniversary.

I want to thank the Bethel AC Store, Swanson’s Store, Corina’s Caselot and Casa Teriyaki for their generous donations of food and drinks. Their support helped make our event the success it was.

I also want to thank everyone who took the time to stop by to visit. Stop by again sometime to say hello or have a cup of coffee. We’ll still be here at 640 Radio Street, as we have been for the past 40 years, thanks in large measure to your continued support.

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