Three Programs in the PBS Series “After Newtown” will air on KYUK-TV Tuesday

by Mike Martz on February 18, 2013

Three programs in the PBS series After Newtown will air  locally in Bethel on KYUK-TV on Tuesday February 19th.

At 8pm will be After Newtown: Guns in America,  an unprecedented exploration of America’s enduring relationship with firearms.  Americans have relied on guns to sustain communities, challenge authority, and keep the peace for four hundred years. Efforts to curtail their distribution and ownership have triggered epic political battles. On one side, the cry for gun control gets louder with each mass shooting. And on the other, Charlton Heston’s 2000 rallying cry, “From my cold, dead hands,” still resonates across the land.

Featuring the personal reflections of Bill Cosby, Frank Serpico, and NRA President David Keene, among other experts and advocates, After Newtown: Guns in America will examine the evolution of guns in America, their frequent link to violence, and the clash of cultures that reflect competing visions of our national identity.

This program may feature footage from the 1996 Bethel high school shooting.

Then at 9pm  FRONTLINE  joins forces with The Hartford Courant newspaper to examine the aftermath of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.  Raising Adam Lanza and Newtown Divided will explore answers to critical questions sparked by the tragedy: Who was Adam Lanza, and what was the nature of his relationship with his mother? Will this tragedy profoundly change the divisive debate over guns in America?

More programming exploring the questions of guns and gun violence in America will continue throughout the week including Mind of a Rampage Killer, on Nova at 8 p.m. Wednesday.  Also airing Wednesday will be The Path to Violence, a follow-up to the  Nova  special outlining some of the ways we can stop future Newtowns from happening.

This Tuesday night watch  After Newtown: Guns in America at 8pm followed by the two part FRONTLINE special Raising Adam Lanza and Newtown Divided at 9pm on KYUK-TV over the air on channel 15.4 or GCI cable channel 7.

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