Tundra Ridge Park Gets a Makeover

by Charles Enoch on June 30, 2014

Slide n Park

The slides at the park. Photo by Charles/KYUK.

City of Bethel Parks and Recreations Director Rhonda Sargent says the neighborhood of Tundra Ridge noticed their park was deteriorating.

“The equipment had aged so much that it had become unsafe so the neighborhood volunteers got together. And Amanda Colvin was the lead volunteer, she approached the director, Janet Athanis, about rebuilding the park,” says Sargent.

The Parks and Recreations Committee, along with help from local volunteers and organizations, began the long rebuilding project. Which costed around a hundred thousand dollars by its completion in May, earlier this year.


The rocking purple dino is just one of many features in the park. Photo by Charles/KYUK.

Thanks to neighborhood volunteers and local organizations, people of different age groups can use the many new components of the Tundra Ridge Volunteer Park. Including a slide, climbing areas, fall absorbent wood chips, a basketball court, a grill, even a rocking purple dinosaur.

Bethel Parks and Recreations say the safety and well-being is a priority for anyone in any park in the community. They ask anyone not to use tobacco products within twenty-five feet of the park, not to block walkways and exits, not to tamper with any components of the park, and practice safe behavior within the park areas in.

Any issues and questions about the park areas can be directed to the Bethel Parks and Recreations Office at 543-7711 and safety issues can be directed to the Bethel Police Department at 543-3781.

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