Unleaded fuel prices go up after Crowley’s last barge

by Trim Nick on October 24, 2012

With winter looming now in the Y-K Delta, the last barge delivering fuel to Bethel has come and went. And as anticipated, some changes in prices at the Crowley fuel pumps.

The Crowley Petroleum Distribution company says the final fuel delivery arrived into Bethel on Monday and set out again on Tuesday after pumping out its final delivery at the Crowley tank farm. With this season’s last delivery, local residents have routinely anticipated changes in fuel prices to occur.

There’s good news and bad news. Crowley is announcing that beginning Friday, gas prices will be going up, while heating fuel will remain the same.

Heating fuel will continue to sell at the Crowley pumps at $6.40 per gallon. Unleaded fuel will be going up by 55 cents from $6.40 to $6.95 per gallon. It is unclear why there is a disparity between the two fuel types and Crowley representatives were unavailable for comment by news time.

Diesel 1 type fuel will remain the same at $6.68 per gallon, while Diesel 2 fuel will go up by 13 cents from $6.63 to $6.77 per gallon. Aviation fuel will run at $7.24 per gallon and jet aviation fuel will be $7.16 per gallon.

Again for those folks keeping on eye on fuel prices at Crowley, Bethel’s fuel distribution center, beginning Friday unleaded fuel increases by 55 cents to $6.95 per gallon, while heating fuel will remain the same.

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