Village Showdown update: Kasigluk in first, neighbor Atmautluak close behind

by Shane Iverson on October 9, 2013

basketballIt could be the waters of the mighty Johnson River, or the the generous spirit of the tundra but whatever the reason two tundra villages within miles of eachother are currently sitting on top of the pack as villages vie for a live KYUK broadcast of their high school basketball team. With a week left the competition is still wide open.

1. KASIGLUK $175
3. AKIACHAK $120
5. MT. VILLAGE $60
5. AKIAK $60
10. TULUKSAK $30

KYUK’s Village Showdown 2013 was announced Wednesday as a fun way to increase charitable giving from the Y/K Delta villages and also help KYUK decide where to first travel for their remote basketball broadcasts this winter.

The rules of the Village Showdown are pretty simple. The village that pledges the most support by the end of the day on Tuesday October 15th wins. That village’s basketball team can decide when and where they want KYUK to provide the coverage. It could be a home tournament or even an away tournament so fans back home can catch the action. The game must be in the Y/K Delta. In the event of a tie the village with more individuals contributing will be the winner.

Anyone who pledges is also entered into KYUK”s grand prize and weekly drawings. Plus they’ll receive KYUK’s incentive gifts depending on the level they contribute.

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