Wildlife Troopers Investigate Dead Musk Ox Near Bethel

by Ben Matheson on October 22, 2013

Wildlife troopers are investigating a dead musk ox found near Bethel. On Sunday, Ray Watson notified troopers that he had found the musk ox at his fish camp near the old airport.

Trooper came out Monday and conducted a necropsy. They found that the 3 year old bull was in healthy condition when it was killed by at least one gunshot wound. Whoever shot the musk ox made no effort to salvage the meat, hide, or skull. The animal had been dead for at least 3 days and had begun to spoil.

There is no legal musk ox hunt on the Kuskokwim river. Wildlife Troopers are asking anyone with information to call them at 543-5955. They say callers can remain anonymous.

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