Y-K Delta mushers advance towards Nikolai

by Ben Matheson on March 4, 2014

Mike Williams Junior is the 7th musher into Nikolai. He arrived at 8:16 this morning, a few minutes after Sonny Linder,. He’s been resting there since then. He is down to 10 dogs, evidently dropping in 4 in Rohn. He was among the fastest into Nikolai.

Pete Kaiser and Richie Diehl are both out of Rohn on the very rugged and bare trail into Nikolia. Diehl left at 10:20 last night, while Kasier left at midnight. Both have 15 dogs in their team.

The farewell burn reportedly has very little snow and is completely bare in many spots. Martin Buser went through 4 sets of runner plastic on the way to being first into Nikolai at 1:08 a.m this morning. He’s declard his 24 hour layover and is icing a swollen ankle.

As the race begins to take shape, He has a 4.5 hour edge on Nick pet- it. Hugh Neff was in a 7:10, and Aily Zirkle the 4th musher in at 7:34 this morning, followed by 4 time champion jeff king 10 minutes later.

Three mushers scratched after the extremely bumpy trail injured them. Dee Dee Jonrow and Linwood Fiedler both scratched in Rohn. Jim Lanier was the latest to scratch in Rainy Pass. Aaron Burmeister is still in the race, but is dealing with a dislocated knee.

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