Y-K Delta mushers push to Nikolai

by Ben Matheson on March 4, 2014

Mike Williams Junior rested a full 7.5 hours in Rohn yesterday afternoon before jumping on the trail to Nikolai. He left in the 10th position at 9:26 last evening. Richie Diehl was out of Rohn at 10:20 in the 14th position. Pete Kaiser left just after midnight in the 20th position. Both appear to have camped along the way.

The Farewell Burn reportedly has very little snow and is completely bare in many spots. Martin Buser went through four sets of runner plastic on the way to being first into Nikolai at 1:08 a.m this morning.

Buser has a 4.5 hour edge on Nick Petite. Hugh neff was into the checkpoint at 7:10, and Aily Zirkle was the 4th and final musher in at 7:34 this morning.

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