Y-K Delta mushers race Denali Doubles

by Ben Matheson on February 18, 2014

Richie Diehl and Arielle Axford Represented the top Y-K Delta team at Denali Doubles this past Saturday. They arrived at the finish line at 3:21 Saturday afternoon in 7th place with with 19 dogs. Pete Kaiser and Pete Reuter came into Cantwell just 11 minutes behind to earn 8th place honors. They arrived at 3:32 with 17 dogs.

Rohn Buser and Martin Buser took the victory with a finish at 11:05 Saturday.

Teams run 265 mile race on the Denali Highway from Cantwell to Paxon and back.
The unique format was developed by organizer Jeff King. Teams of two mushers run a string of 20 dogs. Both Kaiser and Diehl have been training in Nenana in preparation for Iditarod 2014.

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