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by Sophie Evan on April 4, 2013

YKHC delegate learn about RAVEN  photo by S.Evan

YKHC delegate learn about RAVEN photo by S.Evan

At the beginning of this year, the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation switched from paper charts to the new electronic health record system called Raven. Their chief information officer, Karl Powers, gave a report to tribal delegates attending the health corporation’s 20th annual gathering in Bethel this week.
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Raven team leader Karl Powers; spoke to a room full of delegates, about the new technology.
Cut 1 “Raven is a electronic health record, instead of the old paper charts, everything is now in the computer.” :06
Cut 2 “we turned it on everywhere, not just the hospital, we turned it on everywhere, the hospital, the clinics, the village clinics, the S-R-C’s, all the facilities here in bethel.” : 10

The Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation employs over 900-people within it’s vast organization. They have primary care clinics in every village within the Y-K delta, and four sub-regional clinics. Dr. Ellen Hodges says problems arose when a break down in communication happened between the health aides and various providers at the hospital.

Cut 4 “where we didn’t know what happened in the villages and the health aides didn’t know what happened in Bethel, we want the information, the data from raven, to flow easily from the S-R-C’s and the village clinics to Bethel and back ” :11
Doctor Ellen Hodges says the new electronic system eliminates trying to read different providers handwriting, and trying to guess what a patients health situation is. She says with Raven, the patient’s condition is legibly typed out.

Hodges says the switch was made in order to keep YKHC’s federal funding levels up as well.

Cut 5 “ the affordable care act, required the implementation of an electronic health record, in order to maintain funding from Medicaid and medicare, so over the course of the next few years our funding would gradually be decreased if we hadn’t implemented this and proved that we were using it correctly.” :17

Powers says the RAVEN team is working on six more small projects, one of which is the Patient Portal.

Cut 3 “ and what a patient portal is, is a way for you the patient from your house you will be able to log into raven and look at your record.” :09

He says they hope to have the Patient Portal available this fall.

For KYUK news I’m Sophie Evan.

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