Young Bethel man drowns in lake

by Angela Denning-Barnes on June 18, 2013

albert swopeAlbert Swope, age 23 of Bethel, drowned Monday night while swimming in a lake. He was swimming with a friend at a lake in Haroldson’s Subdivision when he reportedly started having trouble and went under. The friend went for help at a nearby residence.

Medics and police responded just after 8:30 p.m. It took them 10 minutes to get to the scene because of the rough roads leading to the lake. The lake is an old sand pit lake that fills with snow melt. It’s estimated to be 10 to 12 feet deep in some areas.

When medics arrived on the scene, friends had already pulled Swope out of the water and were performing CPR. The medics took over and brought him to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased. His body will be sent to Anchorage for an autopsy.

Albert Swope worked at KYUK through out his high school years. He always had a smile on his face. He will be sorely missed.

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