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Two Bethel wrestlers are competing for their chance to earn All-American titles.

Bethel Police Search For Man Charged With Sexual Assault

Jul 13, 2017
Courtesy of Bethel Police Department.

The following report contains content that may be disturbing to some readers.

Former Inter-Tribal Fisheries Commission Executive Director LaMont Albertson, Executive Director Mary Peltola, and Chairman and Upriver In-season Manager Nick Kameroff discuss the changing management of the Kuskokwim under tribes.
Katie Basile / KYUK

Today on Fish Talk, we’re talking about how tribes are changing king salmon management on the Kuskokwim River.

The license for Bethel’s remaining liquor store remains undecided.
Dean Swope/KYUK / KYUK

The reason that the state Alcohol Beverage Control Board could not award the final package store license at its meeting this week is that nothing has come out of the city review process with a nod of approval. This week, that left the state ABC board without anything from Bethel to move on.



Fresh cut red salmon hangs by the Kuskokwim River in Sleetmute.
Anna Rose MacArthur / KYUK

Concern and fear over empty smokehouses along the Kuskokwim seem to have subsided. The river was closed most of June, but an abundance of red and chum salmon have filled the river this July. The switch to fishing later in the summer has one resident wondering if regulations are causing a shift in subsistence culture and if tribes should help that along.

Finance Committee Chair Jon Cochrane (center) addresses the Bethel City Council during 'People to be Heard,' on behalf of the work he and the Committee have put into the tax code rewrite over the last year and a half. July 11, 2017.
Katie Basile / KYUK

After a year and a half of hard work from the City of Bethel Finance Committee, a major tax code rewrite was introduced at last night’s Bethel City Council meeting.  

Burke Waldron was appointed Tuesday, July 11 as interim Chief of Police by the Bethel City Council.
Katie Basile / KYUK

There’s a new Police Chief in Bethel. After some push back on candidate selection from the Vice Mayor during last night’s meeting, Bethel City Council has appointed Burke Waldron as interim Chief of Police.



Anna Rose MacArthur / KYUK

Starting at noon today, Thursday, July 13, fishers can use longer gillnets in the lower Kuskokwim River.

Second Police Report May Shed Light On Fatal Car Accident

Jul 12, 2017
Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway, close to where the accident took place.
Katie Basile/KYUK

KYUK may have new information about a fatal vehicle collision that occurred last spring.

Several months ago, off-duty Bethel Police Sergeant Kadri Limani struck two pedestrians with his car while driving at night. The collision injured Elia Anderson and fatally injured Julia Stevens, who died several days later in Anchorage. In their report on the incident, the police found neither Limani nor the pedestrians he hit to be at fault, but a second police report from an earlier incident may shed further light on the case.

Courtesy of Ravn Alaska

Ravn Alaska has appointed a new President and CEO. KYUK’s Christine Trudeau reports that the hire may be the beginning of an attempt to step up their game.