The city of Aniak has erected a cross where Bruce "Gotor" Morgan was killed.
Teresa Cotsirilos/KYUK

The murder trial of Aniak resident Joseph Yaska was rescheduled again on Thursday. Yaska is accused of killing Bruce “Gotor” Morgan in an attempted mass shooting last August, and the attorneys in his case are still in discovery, trying to piece together what happened.

Aniak hasn’t been the same since the shooting, and Morgan’s friends and family are still struggling to come to terms with it.

Rescue workers are searching for a man who left his home in Tununak to get firewood and hasn’t returned.

Eighteen packs of canned beer line the shelves at the opening of BNC's liquor store, Bethel Spirits, on Sept. 27, 2016.
Dean Swope/KYUK

Bethel’s alcohol issues are a substantial part of the Alaska Alcohol Beverage Control Board’s agenda when it meets in Nome on Tuesday. The Board intends to review a listening session that was held by state officials in Bethel last month.

Courtesy of the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation


The final test results for the botulism initially found in preliminary tests on a native salad dish sold at the Cama-i Festival two weeks ago are taking a bit longer than expected. That’s due to having to import laboratory mice.


Dick Wilmarth poses on Bering Sea ice on the trail to Nome, Alaska in 1973.
Henry Peck / AP


The Associated Press (AP) reports that Dick Wilmarth of Red Devil, the first winner of the Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race, has died. The first dogs to win the Iditarod were from the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, and were on Wilmarth’s team.


Napaimute's Oscar Samuelson and Mark Leary with dog Honey pretend to ride in the Lund skiff painted onto the legs of the Kuskokwim Ice Classic tripod on March 30, 2018. Also in the picture is Napaimute's ice road grader and the Kuskokwim ice road itself.
Courtesy of Mark Leary / Native Village of Napaimute

The Kuskokwim ice road from Bethel upriver to Chuathbaluk is ready for Easter travelers. Tribal road crews just hope that it will last through the weekend.

The remains of the front entryway where the fire started on the porch of the Kotlik Community Hall on March 26, 2018.
Alvin Aketachunak

Kotlik continues searching for the person allegedly responsible for burning down the village’s Community Hall and is working to replace what the fire destroyed.

GCI says that cellphone calls to landlines were not going through on Thursday morning due to equipment failure.
Dean Swope / KYUK


A temporary outage knocked out Bethel’s 911 system for a short while on Thursday.


Tuesday March 27, 2018, Bethel City Council voted to postpone a meeting between the city administration and Alaska Commercial Company until after the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board meeting on April 3.
Christine Trudeau / KYUK

Make no mistake, a majority of the Bethel City Council wants their message to be clear to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board next week: they protest the renewal of Alaska Commercial Company's liquor license. On Tuesday night, the Council voted to postpone a meeting between the city administration and AC until after the ABC Board meeting next week.










NTSB Readies Final Report On Ravn Togiak Crash

Mar 29, 2018

A year and a half after a Ravn aircraft crashed into a mountain near Togiak, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) appears poised to issue a report on the accident.