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Video: How would public broadcasting funding cuts affect rural Alaska?

A major KYUK funding source is under threat by a proposed budget cut from the Trump Administration.

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Help is on the way for residents of the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta trying to file their taxes, and some of that help is coming from across the continent. New York University law school students have volunteered to help file taxes in 28 communities in the Delta.

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The Alaska Legal Services Corporation turns 50 this year, and is celebrating by offering three free legal clinics in Bethel next week.

Pete Kaiser claims his second consecutive K300 victory in 2016.
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Bethel musher, and last year's fifth place Iditarod finisher, Pete Kaiser left the Tanana Iditarod checkpoint in third position at 1:07 a.m. this morning after resting 4 hours and 34 minutes. Before leaving for the race's next stop in Ruby, APRN's Ben Matheson talked with Kaiser about his dogs, sled trailer, and rest strategy for this year's race.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Instead of eating musk ox, a Bethel resident is headed to court. Peter A. Webber shot a bull musk ox when he had a permit only to shoot a cow. Alaska Wildlife Troopers cited the 35-year-old for taking a bull musk ox in the Game Management Unit 18 Nelson Island Registration Hunt. Webber, who came forward and reported the mistake, is summoned to the Bethel District Court on March 20. The carcass was donated to charity.

Oscar Samuelson hauling the last load of the sawmill components. The Napaimute crew will continue hauling a small building and returning equipment this week
Mark Leary / Native Village of Napaimute

The Native Village of Napaimute is starting a commercial lumber business in the middle Kuskokwim this year. The workers are currently moving the sawmill 40 miles downriver from Chuathbaluk to three miles below Kalskag where the mill will cut commercial lumber on demand, creating jobs and providing cheaper, locally sourced lumber for Kuskokwim residents.

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Commercial fishing might be coming to the Kuskokwim this summer. 

Unity and social justice lie at the heart of this year's planning for the 2017 Alaska Federation of Natives' annual conference in October.

A wind turbine stands outside the Yukon Kuskokwim Fitness Center. AVEC plans to erect a larger, 900 kilowatt wind turbine near the Bethel airport in 2018.
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A new, large wind turbine is coming to Bethel. Anna Sattler, the Rural Liaison for the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, says that the 900 kilowatt wind turbine is expected to be delivered next year, and it will be the largest turbine in AVEC's fleet, by a factor of nine.

The Yute Air terminal on March 6, 2017, two days after its closure.
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Without warning or explanation Yute Air shut down on Saturday, leaving passengers looking for flights and employees looking for work. The regional Bethel-based air carrier served about 1,000 passengers a week across more than 30 villages throughout the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta. Now Yute’s assets have been sold, and the people who worked for Yute were among those surprised by the news.

The Yukon Kuskokwim Ayagnirvik Healing Center provides substance abuse treatment for alcohol and opioid addiction in Bethel, Alaska.
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The state is continuing its fight against the opioid epidemic sweeping through Alaska by introducing legislation clamping down on the way pain medicines are prescribed and monitored.