AVCP Elects Edward Adams Jr. As Second Traditional Chief

Sep 29, 2017

AVCP delegates elected Edward Adams Jr. of Nunam Iqua as their new Second Traditional Chief on September 28, 2017.
Credit Anna Rose MacArthur / KYUK

The Association of Village Council Presidents delegates have elected a new Second Traditional Chief. Former Executive Board member Edward Adams Jr. of Nunam Iqua will hold the lifetime position.

The Second Traditional Chief serves a ceremonial role for the Native non-profit: opening meetings, saying prayers, and offering traditional knowledge, mainly when the First Traditional Chief is unavailable.

Adams has been nominated to the position in the past, and the first wisdom he issued was to make sure to never feel alone, as he had as a child, not knowing his mother.

“When you see someone, even if it’s a stranger, say 'Hi' to them. Tell them how they are [sic]. That’s what our elders always say. That way, you’ll know somebody and you’ll always run into your relatives,” Adams told the gathered tribal members. 

Two years ago, delegates elected Bea Kristovich of Napaimute the first woman to be Second Traditional Chief. She recently resigned from the position.

The seat is chosen through delegates nominating tribal members and then holding a vote. No women were nominated this year. The other nominees included Carl Motgin of Napakiak, Philip Peter of Akiachak, and John Pingayak of Chevak.