Bethel City Council Zones Larson Subdivision As Residential

Feb 16, 2017

Larson Subdivision, Bethel, Alaska
Credit Dean Swope

Tuesday, the Bethel City council zoned Larson Subdivision as residential. Councilman Leif Albertson said that this was just the first part of a city-wide effort.

“This would zone Larson Subdivision a residential area, which is a push that myself and several of us are trying to make to zone residential places as residential to protect those neighborhoods as neighborhoods," Albertson said. 

Businesses would be restricted in areas that receive residential zoning, but those already there would be allowed to continue operating. In the Larson Subdivision, the only business the council knew of was a bed and breakfast that would not be affected by the change.

Albertson pointed to the neighborhood across the street from the Larson Subdivision as another area the Bethel Planning Commission will be considering for residential zoning.