Celebrating Cama'i 2017: Archived Footage of the Seal and Owl Masks

Mar 29, 2017

Kaye Hendrickson carved the seal mask featured in the 1984 KYUK documentary "Eyes of the Spirit".
Credit KYUK

In this video we take another look at the 1984 documentary "Eyes of the Spirit" to share dance performances that incorporate the seal and owl masks. 

Sue Charles and John Active, who took part in both performances in the film, discuss the significance of dancing with masks.

"It was kind of sad in a way, too, but also very happy. To show our young people what it was like in the qasgiq and what it was like to dance with masks. Because in the past, masks were part of a huge spiritual practice. They were a form of prayer," Charles said.

"Eyes of the Spirit" was produced by Alexie Isaac and Corey Flintoff and features the Bethel Native Dance Group as well as mask carvers Nicholas Charles, Kaye Hendrickson, and Uncle John. Check back Friday for another clip from the KYUK dance archives. To purchase a copy of the full documentary "Eyes of the Spirit," call us at 907-543-3131.