City Corner With Patty Burley - August 14

Aug 14, 2017

This weeks guest on City Corner: City Attorney Patty Burley.
Credit ChristineTrudeau / KYUK

Bethel City Attorney Patty Burley is the guest on KYUK’s City Corner this week, where we went over the sales tax code rewrite currently on the City Council’s agenda.



Bethel City Attorney Patty Burley is a busy person, fielding roughly 100 emails a day. Her job covers a lot. Among other things, she reviews all city contracts, and during the last several years Burley has been working on rewriting the sales tax code as part of reviewing and updating Bethel’s overall municipal code.


“A lot of pieces are tied to another piece,” said Burley.


Because each part of the city code is interconnected, said Burley, changing one part creates a ripple effect, affecting other areas down the line. As one can imagine, it can become a lengthy process. The part that is up for review now is the tax code.


“As a city we realized that there were some difficulties in our code; it wasn’t what we needed it to be. It had been written in ’99, it had some updates here and there,” said Burley, “but it didn’t give us all the tools that we needed.”


Hear more specifics about the city’s sales tax code rewrite by listening to our full episode, where we’ll be discussing the rewrite in further detail as well as updates to the Institutional Corridor Project and the Sewer Lagoon Jetty Rehabilitation Project.


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