Fish Talk: Counting Kusko Salmon With Weirs and Sonar

Jul 6, 2017

George River floating weir in 2002
Credit Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Welcome to Fish Talk, a talk show about fish on the Kuskokwim. Today we’re talking about how Alaska Fish and Game uses weirs and sonar to count salmon moving up the Kuskokwim.

Weirs have been a fixture throughout the drainage for decades. Meanwhile, sonar has been used in rivers throughout the state but has only recently come to the Kuskokwim. We’ll discuss what these technologies do and how they help managers make decisions about where and how we fish. We'll also learn about life at the counting sites and how you can get involved in the projects.

A listening note: for about the first 10 minutes of the show, the audio from host Anna Rose MacArthur and translator John Active is a bit hard to understand because of a microphone issue during the live broadcast.


Zach Liller, fisheries researcher with ADF&G
Nick Smith, fisheries biologist leading the Bethel Sonar Project for ADF&G
Jordan Head, fisheries biologist overseeing the weirs in the middle and upper Kuskokwim for ADF&G