Whale Meat Should Be Eaten Within A Week, Says Arctic Whaling Captain

Aug 1, 2017

According to Arctic Whaling Captain Arnold Brower, whale meat from the gray whale hunted on the Kuskokwim last Thursday should be eaten within a week.
Credit Katie Basile / KYUK

Any whale meat that hasn’t been eaten should be consumed soon. 

Arnold Brower, Executive Director of the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission and a whaling captain from Barrow, says that whale meat does not keep for long and should be consumed within a week. 

Brower helped hunt gray whales as a kid before select Arctic villages were given quotas for bowhead whales. Brower says that muktuk, the skin and blubber, will last a little longer than a week since it will ferment. 

The gray whale in the Kuskokwim was killed on Thursday, July 27 last week and sat in the river for two days before being cut and divided. 

Federal authorities continue to investigate the event.

KYUK was unable to find reliable information about freezing gray whale meat and muktuk.