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Austin Fitka.

On Saturday, dozens of young athletes from across the Delta ran a brutal race through the sandpit off of Bethel's B.I.A. road. And while the middle school and high school students were technically competing against each other, the real enemy of the day was the course, which coaches described as a test of endurance. 

The pool at the Yukon-Kuskokwim Fitness Center in Bethel.
Dean Swope/KYUK

Bethel held its first-ever swim meet last weekend, and coach Mike Calvetti says that it was a resounding success.

Bethel Regional High School’s cross-country team won their meet on Saturday. Athletes ran a five-kilometer race through town and competed against teenagers from Chevak, Akiachak, Kwethluk and Scammon Bay.

Darren Lieb

Two Bethel High School wrestlers just missed earning top honors in a major national tournament this summer, but one has piqued the interest of a few college coaches.

Bethel Ninja Jumps To Next Round Of Primetime Competition

Jul 21, 2017
Katie Basile / KYUK

Bethel resident Nate DeHaan took the next logical step in becoming a ninja this week. On Monday, the local pilot and dog musher made it through a qualifying round of American Ninja Warrior, a popular fitness competition on NBC.

Bethel Resident Competes on American Ninja Warrior Tonight

Jul 17, 2017

Get ready to watch Bethel resident Nate DeHaan climb walls, poles, and rope swings tonight. DeHaan is competing on NBC's American Ninja Warrior, a popular competition and fitness challenge.

Darren Lieb

Two Bethel wrestlers are competing for their chance to earn All-American titles.

Thomas Dyment, a Bethel junior, earned his third state title in the 106 pound weight class at the 2016 1-2-3A State Wrestling Championships. In July, he and sophomore Hayden Lieb are heading to the National Championships in North Dakota.
Ana Hoffman

Seven Bethel wrestlers traveled to Idaho last week to compete in the 2017 West Regional Championships.

Dean Swope / KYUK

For the first time, the Kuskokwim 300 Sled Dog Race is limiting the number of mushers who can compete in the premier Western Alaska event. Thirty mushers will be allowed to race the frozen Kuskokwim next year; this year 20 mushers competed.

Last month, Natalie Hanson broke another American powerlifting record at the U.S. National Championships in Orlando, Florida with a squat lift of 270 kilograms (595 pounds). Hanson is pictured here at the 2015 World Championships in Luxembourg.
Courtesy of Natalie Hanson / International Powerlifting Federation

Natalie Hanson of Bethel has broken both an American record, and an unofficial world record in powerlifting. Hanson said that part of her record setting success has been due to her ability to appreciate her body for function over appearance, which has led her to create a movement within the sport.